Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Time Management Software for Small Business

Time management software timesheet or’s management software Accounting software which is used to maintain timesheets for each person in a company. This type of software allows employees to enter their time, which can be approved / rejected by supervisors or project managers. Increasingly this software is web-based, making deployment much easier. Most time tracking software is commercial or shareware. However, there are a number of free web hosting solutions available - see Comparison of time tracking software.

Time tracking software can be:

Independent - used only for recording timesheets, and generate reports

Integrated accounting system - where hours data is fed directly into company accounts

Integrated billing system - used to generate invoices, especially used by contractors and professionals such as lawyers

Integrated Systems Project Management - Data timesheet is used in project management graphing software effort spent on each project or task.

Integrated payroll system - the timesheet data is used for payroll software to pay employees based on their working time.

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